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What’s Tinder and How to get a chance in 2019

Hello, my name is Erwin, I have been helping thousands of people in the world to solve different technology problems for 9 years! In my blog I teach you how to use Tinder to find the love of your life. Are you tired of using dating apps, but without success? Learn the best love tips and find a partner online. Check our menu for more information: Best dating app - How to flirt Join me?

As we move forward in time, technology has been increasingly present in our lives, finding a partner online can be the best opportunity for many in 2019. Dating apps allows people from all over the world to find the love of their lives and fulfill their dreams of finding true love.

Today, Tinder is one of the most popular applications of our time to find couples or simply a good company. It stands out among other apps for being very easy and addictive to use.

10 tips and tricks to improve your chance of getting a date

With these simple tips you can improve your chances of getting a date in Tinder:

  • At the time of registration, you fill in your personal information with real data, people appreciate sincerity.
  • In case you did not know, Tinder connects you with the people closest to you in your geographical position. That’s where the action begins
  • You must interact, you must positively or negatively comment on the profiles of others anonymously
  • Be original: You must make your difference and try to stand out from the rest
  • Be honest and sincere. Do not lie pretending to be a person you are not. You must have patience: Like everything in love, good things make you wait. Do not despair, if the first one does not work between that person and you. Remember that you can get your soul mate when you least think about it.
  • Be fun and spontaneous. Always look for a conversation topic.
  • Despite being an app where the physical part is essential be open, and allow interaction with any type of people without judging them.
  • Find common qualities that you share. The day they meet will be a great date, especially if you already know exactly what common interest you have.
  • Study internally what you want and communicate it. If you want to get a simple friendship, a stable couple or just a good time.

5 tricks for men

  1. Do not look for perfection, accept that we all have things that may not please others.
  2. Do not rush the moment, if you want to find love in Tinder do not make hasty decisions that can ruin your chances.
  3. Enjoy the moment and let yourself be carried away by the steps of falling in love
  4. Surprise that another person so that there is always a spark between you.
  5. If it does not work, keep trying. Do not give up!

5 tricks for women

  • Love yourself and respect yourself
  • Do not think you should find your soul mate or your soul mate. You are a complete person and want to complement yourself with another
  • Be happy with yourself and be positive, allow yourself to know and be open
  • Find a partner that follows your goals or projects.
  • Forget the past, and do not compare with your relationships did not work


3 Ways to Get More Matches on Tinder for Men

  • Keep your Tinder profile updated.
  • Take care of your aspect. Highlight your best qualities and show them in each picture.
  • Be interesting and make that person laugh.

3 Ways to Get More Matches on Tinder for Women

  1. Upload photos that speak a lot about you.
  2. Be feminine but above all be yourself.
  3. Show confidence to the person you are talking to.

How to Tinder in 2019?

  1. What you should not do is: not be very obvious, do not despair, do not be rude or obscene, do not upload inappropriate photos unless you want to send them, there is trust and that the other person asks for them.
  2. If you want to stand out in 2019 and be different, choose the matches you have. Establish the date of the appointment as it is useless to talk too much with that special person without specifying the day you want to meet and formalize a face-to-face meeting. Always be yourself, do not ask for the phone number to fast.
  3. Above all, do not be proud, leave your mark that that person thinks you are exceptional and that you are different from all the people you have met through Tinder.
  4. At the end of the day everyone wants to be happy, to get love or simply to enjoy the moment, so take things slowly. This 2019 will be excellent to get a couple by Tinder


What’s a Tinder Date?

Tinder has the unique function of helping you to know people online. So, when you have a match you have the possibility to make a romantic date but first you must see their photos.

If you like it or dislike the appearance of that person. By giving each a like (swipe right), you get “match” is that precise moment where the magic begins. You have an estimated time to go out with that person, you must plan carefully all your movements before noon because your conversations could be erased by then.

What’s wrong with Tinder?

  • Many times, we will create false expectations with people who are probably very different from what we thought. We can get disappointed with various things, like if you really want a stable relationship and the other person just wants to have a one-night meeting.
  • You can become more jealous and dependent on each thing that the other makes or does not make, and aside from that, the person with you are interested in may be dating another person while you chat with him or her.
  • You must be careful with whom you speak and with whom you share your information. The day of your meeting, is important to protect yourself to avoid any unpleasant time.
  • You just have to be patient and understand that love comes when you least expect it. That person will arrive, do not hurry. Remember to choose carefully what information you should share because everyone can easily view your profile.

Is tinder a hookup site?

Tinder is considered a useful application to hookup. Simply by adding your data, you can get a quick date. Tinder is discreet and very easy to use, you can get many matches and you can decide who is going to be that special person.

It is considered a site only for dating, although there are now groups called “Social Tinder” where you can interact and find friends and specify a fun outing.

How many tinder matches do you get a day?

  1. Tinder is presented as a social network where you can communicate with other users like a simple game where flirting is usually the most entertaining. So, you do not have to worry about the number of rejections. Not all social networks follow the same scheme, each application has its own function but Tinder shows you another way to know a person more intimately.
  2. From another point of view, you can choose by photo and bios and once you have matched each other you will find a way to make a date.
  3. If you like someone, you should write a message creatively to increase the chances of response. There are very attractive men who can have 1 match for every 15 girls and others who only receive 1 match for every 300. It is a matter of social intelligence, and know how to play with your photos

What is the like limit on tinder?

Currently the application limits the number of “likes”. For those users who continuously “like” the application, it shows them that when you do not have enough “likes” they even estimate that around 12 hours you will interact again, although, you can get unlimited likes by paying an extra fee.

Do matches expire on tinder?

People can converse until the conversation expires at noon the next day. This happens because Tinder mainly plans to make the appointment that same night so you can go out that same day before you meet another person in Tinder and you can talk again and go out for a nice time. In such a way that the matches expire before noon.

How many Super Likes do you get a day on Tinder?

Users who have this application can send a free “Super Like” per day. But for those who have Tinder Plus or Gold they have the ability to send up to five “Super Likes” per day. So, you should only wait if the feeling is mutual to verify if that person also wants something with you. Not giving up is the best advice for this application.

Can you unmatch on Tinder?

If you want to delete a message in Tinder it will be very difficult but you can delete the entire conversation by undoing the match. When you do this step, you will realize that the person who you no longer want to speak will disappear from the match list and that way, neither you nor that person will be able to send messages. This possibility will not return to look for that person again because you simply cannot communicate again.

Opening your application directly in the chat you have with that person you want to remove the match. Press the flag or the ellipsis in the upper right corner and select “Undo match” and that’s it, you can no longer communicate with that person.

Does Tinder messages disappear?

  1. Your chats disappeared suddenly and you do not know the reason, and just when you felt comfortable talking and meeting new people.
  2. This is an unpleasant feeling. We know that the only way to star a conversation with someone is when both people indicate that they like each other. However, Tinder erase conversations mainly because that person has undone the “match“, another reason may be because that person has deleted his account without telling you and the third possible reason is that that person has violated the conditions of service.
  3. It is unfortunate that after having a connection between two people, this happens, and we know that those users who are affected will not find any way to reconnect. The only exception would be to risk your other users and delete your account and recreate it to find that special person again. Give Like and return to romance.

Does Tinder Messages Disappear if unmatched?

When canceling a Match, you are cutting directly the communication with the other user, that is to say you do not like that person anymore, therefore, the messages you sent him will disappear from the application and from the list of matches.
Think very well before doing any hasty action, because you can’t recover the messages later.

Can you Unsend a tinder message?

If you can, by clicking on the person and the option to cancel the sending of messages. In the upper right part of your profile you simply delete the communication with “a match“, the application will ask you the reasons why you no longer want that person to send you messages again or simply if you want to undo the match. The reasons may be for inappropriate photos, inappropriate messages or other reasons.

Can you delete a Tinder account?

  1. You have two possibilities: temporarily hide your account or delete it.
  2. If you want to hide it. You can do it by deactivating the “Discovery” function in this way other people will not find you; however, you can continue interacting with other users and keep talking with your matches but if you want to delete your account you must go to the profile icon at the top of the page then “Settings“.
  3. You scroll down and click on “delete account” If you do this you will lose all your matches, messages and information stored in the account. It will be useless to delete the application if you do not perform these steps because you will not cancel your subscription.


How to use Tinder to get a lover?

If you want to have a lover and always get matches in Tinder you must call the attention of other people with something that that person likes so you can break the ice. Show yourself as you are and place something very interesting that describes you but does not extend.

Connect your tinder account with Instagram, so they can see all the interesting activities you do in your life. Do not give your number so easily, only if you are really sure that you will have a good time with that person. Give Super Likes, share photos that represent your personality. Lose the fear and be clear from the beginning.