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About US

Hello, my name is Erwin, I have been helping thousands of people in the world to solve different technology problems for 9 years! In my blog I teach you how to use Tinder to find the love of your life. Are you tired of using dating apps, but without success? Learn the best love tips and find a partner online. Check our menu for more information: Best dating app - How to flirt Join me?

TinderApp.Online is one of our most beautiful projects we have done. TinderApp.Online was born with the aim of supporting the huge community, which grows by the thousands every day, of WhatsApp.

There are millions of Tinder users who need guidance on various topics related to the use of Tinder. There are hundreds of doubts and problems that the company bought by Facebook does not solve or does not make clear. Many times their guides are more complex and are not designed for the average level user who is the majority of the internet. We are born with the aim of making the democratization of technology a reality. We start with a simple communication app, but it is our way of adding a grain of sand to the immense internet.

The name does not have much explanation, Tinder, because it is the way the RAE has coined the translation for Spanish of Tinder App. Also, in the vast majority of countries of our immense and beloved Latin America, we prefer to say Wasap than the original version. . We are Ninja, because we want to help you become a pro in the use of this program, do not have problems and you can be able to help your friends, that is, you become a Ninja.

This whole project thanks Erwin and Rebecca. Erwin Salas is the creator of the idea and the construction of the website, as well as the management of the contents. But none of this would have been real if he had someone with whom he could talk about his ideas and think about different solutions and projects. That is, Rebeca Gonzales.

Currently with about 3 editors, this portal is growing more and more. As part of the ErCorp network, a novel user help system is being implemented throughout the network, which is the use of a Wasap number to communicate live. This new proposal allows us to talk live with our users and help them in everything. It is something that only some great newspapers of the world are coining it, but we began to gestate since mid-2014. In the process we already have dozens of users satisfied with our free help.

We hope that this website is up to your expectations and we are always open to your feedback. We do not want to be the largest technology portal in the world, just the place where you remember to come when you have questions about TinderApp.Online and want a quick response.