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What is Facebook Dating and how to use it?

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Nowadays thanks to the technological revolution we pass several hours of our day behind a computer, smart phone, or any device that can give us an internet connection.

This has brought us a series of advantages and disadvantages, some say that thanks to the internet we spend less time with our friends and families and we lose the opportunity to meet new people, the result of this is that in the modern times it’s hard to expand our social circles, or even find a partner.

Nonetheless, thanks to apps like Tinder and Singles Around Me the problem has become a solution because this apps had managed to fix this problem in a surprising way, fomenting people to hangout and go to dates through random chats with unknown people but similar tastes.

 Luckily this year 2018 has been the year with most interactions in social media and Facebook has chosen to not fall behind in the social dating field. With this in mind Facebook has launched the Facebook Dating app to help people get dates by internet and this is what we are going to explain you in this article:

Facebook Dates, the new Facebook applications to find a partner

Previously it was just rumors the possibility that the company of Mark Zuckerberg wanted to compete in the social dating market, but it wasn’t till 1 of September that Zuckerberg launched Facebook Dating in the annual event of developers called “F8”.

Facebook dating is a platform that combines the innovation of meeting new people who are located near us but it keeps our personal and private information safe.

 Facebook Dating is an expansion of the gigantic social media site Facebook but with the twist that is focused on people who are looking for a romantic relationship with the partner of their dreams. Facebook Dating concentrates in you taste and likes in your profile, your place and your general preferences to find a compatible person.

The advantage of Facebook Dating over other apps is the protection of our privacy, in other words, though we have to fill our profile with our likes and preferences so the app can find out a partner with more accuracy it never going to release our personal and important information.

How to use Facebook Dating

Using Facebook Dating is simple, you just have to do the following:

  1. Lo primero que debe hacer es completar su perfil de Facebook, si es soltero, donde vive actualmente y sus preferencias en general.
  2. Una vez que haya completado su perfil, puede comenzar a usar las citas en Facebook ingresaron a la opción que aparece en la parte superior de la plataforma.
  3. Si has obtenido una persona que te interese, puedes hacer clic en el botón “Interesado”, a su vez, si la persona no le interesa pero desea continuar viendo los perfiles, puede pasar a “pasar”.
  4. If the person you are interested in is also interested in you, you can start a conversation in a Facebook Messenger chat.

It’s that simple to use Facebook Dating. What are you waiting for? Start using it now and dare to meet your ideal partner.